Gil Rivera Graphic Designer Illustrator

Gil Rivera is a Hispanic-American Artist/Graphic Designer best known for his comic book art and publishing label Rev Comics.  Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, he started drawing comics in 1999. 

With a desire to expand his talents he took his career to Los Angeles, California and began working as an Illustrator for Jamie Foxx: Foxx-King Entertainment.  In this capacity he served as the character designer, Illustrator, Colorist and Editor in the New Projects Department.
Mr. Rivera, later served as a story board artist for Collegiate Filmmakers and Actors where he created multiple illustrations typically under tight deadlines and highly specific visual requirements.  Fortunately, his expertise in the mechanics of filmmaking and illustrations resulted in the opportunity to work for BME-Films and Beyond Blue Productions as Chief Designer/Illustrator. 
Recognizing his love for acting, Mr. Rivera broke into the industry as a stand-in actor for multiple Hollywood actors.  He later started his acting career with Tag Models/Pantheon Talent and was featured in a 2013 National GM/Chevy commercial, the 2012 Disney Hispanic Heritage Month commercial and became the featured Bartender for 24 episodes of “Anger Management”.  He was also featured in television shows like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The Bridge".
During his time in Los Angeles, he became the primary Graphic Designer for “Every Little Step” dance studio and “Ware Electric” a private electrician company where he created original logos and designed T-Shirts.
Now a D.C. resident, Mr. Rivera offers his services to the United States Air Force and provides original sketches for retirees and Air Force Archives.  He is currently writing and drawing his graphic novel, which he plans to make into a feature film franchise.
Gil Rivera is the proud Husband and father to Mrs. Tiffany Rivera and his two daughters Nova Simone & Vega Giselle Rivera.  He is a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he further enhanced his skills in Graphic Design.